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Do You print a lot? See how much you can save! Almost every office company generates expenses associated with the printer exploatation. When the fees reach a high level, it is a sign that changes need to be made. It is worthwhile to carefully analyze the fees associated with these areas and identify the factors that generate the most expenses. By reading this article you will know:

5 ways to minimize office costs

1. If you do not require the highest print quality, use the savings mode.
Print mode is characterized by lower print quality but uses less ink than the default normal print mode. When you want to choose a cost-effective print, you must select Print, click Properties, and change print quality or print speed in printer settings. You should find the Draft mode or Quick print option there.

2. If possible use double sided printing.
The biggest losses are due to one-sided printing. With duplex printing, you can save not only paper, but also time. Some printers make this easy, thanks to automatic printing on both sides of the sheet. This is a great convenience for the user because you do not need to manually change the sheets. Note that when using special paper types (such as photo paper), make sure that two-sided printing is possible at all.

3. Use ink and toner Substitutes for printers.
They are cheaper than original products and often have better efficiency. Try it by yourself and you will find that using substitutes is a natural way to save money. The use of toner and ink and toner cartridges of our production – My Office, is quite rational. The cost of page printing is down by as much as $ 0.10 compared to the original ink or toner.

4. Set the print area.
If you happen to print web pages, you know it’s not that easy. Usually, unnecessary content such as photos, banners, advertisements, or links to other sites will spoil the printout. It is therefore worth taking care to remove unnecessary content. How to do it? Just define the print area by selecting the content we are interested in. Then, from the browser, you have to select Print, click Settings, and select Just Mark. After this procedure you will print exactly what you really need. By the way, you’ll save ink and paper for your printer.

5. Print multiple pages of a document on a single sheet of paper.
Most printer drivers allow you to print multiple pages of a single sheet of paper. Where printed content does not require photo formatting or special page layout, it is a good idea to print multiple pages on a single page of paper. By using these methods you will surely maximize your printer’s efficiency and minimizing its operating costs. However, optimizing your company’s print management environment can not make it difficult for others to work.

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