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New Headquarters

We are pleased to inform you about the new Office Support investment. In order to improve working conditions and increase the warehouse space, the management decided to build a new company headquarters. Construction in Tąpkowice will start already in July 2016 and its completion is planned for the end of 2016. The new headquarters of the company will be built at Zwycięstwa Street in Tąpkowice (Silesia).

We strive to create a friendly workplace, which is why we have planned three zones for our team. The first zone will be allocated to the office space for the company’s management, employees of commercial departments, purchasing, marketing and service. The second zone will be designated for a multi-purpose hall serving as a warehouse. The last zone is the dining and conference area. It will be not only a workplace but also social meetings, relaxation and fun. Our employees will have at their disposal a beach volleyball court, where we will organize a volleyball tournament every year.

See how the design of the building’s facade looks like.


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